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Organize Before Hiring a Moving Company

The plan seems simple before you move: hire a moving company. However, moving day will go much more smoothly if you get organized several days ahead of calling the movers. The starting point includes developing a to-do checklist, which will guide you through the whole moving process. Putting together a questionnaire for the movers ensures that you and the company are on the same page, and a designated file for moving-related documents will help you stay organized. Finally, taking photographs of your home will also help with organization; for example, they will provide evidence in the case of an insurance claim.

Organization is the Key to a Stress-free Move

Instead of being stressed when moving, stress your organization abilities. Create a checklist and stick to it. Get with your moving company early on and make sure they are as organized as you are! Prepare a questionnaire for your mover which lists your expectations. For example, “I expect my movers to be timely, clean, organized, etc.”

It’s a good idea to start a “move file.” Use it for estimates, receipts, and other documents related to the move. Also, check with the IRS, some of your expenses may be deductible.

Photograph the contents of your home. Make a complete descriptive inventory. Save all of this information onto a disc and store it in a safety deposit box. This is invaluable if there is an insurance claim. It is also great reference material.

If you have high value art and antiques, consider having them appraised and photographed prior to the move. Make sure you have adequate levels of insurance coverage for the move. Check with your home-owners insurance provider to see if your current coverage includes insurance for the move. If not, consider purchasing a consumer moving policy.

Get Everything Cleaned Like Brand New

This is a good time to have all of your carpets picked up by professional carpet cleaners. You may want to have upholstered goods picked up, cleaned and the pillows re-stuffed. Plan on having a refinisher come to the house, after the move, and touch up all of the little scuffs and scratches that have happened over the years. Finally, have professional drapery installers remove, clean, store, and re-install all draperies. When you move to a new space, you want to start fresh.

Now is the time to get rid of old clothes, kid’s clothes, toys, stuff that you don’t want or need, before the day of the move. Work your way room by room deciding what to dispose of. Use up cleaning products and frozen foods, these things are difficult to move.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Once you’ve gotten down to what you want to move, be sure to pack an overnight or two day bag including all your medicines, child’s medicines, school uniforms, etc., and keep it within easy reach. The last thing you want is to be searching for something among the many boxes. Items such as jewelry, coin and stamp collections, stock certificates, family portraits, guns, insurance documents, passports, and computer data discs should be packed in an overnight bag and placed in your personal vehicle for moving.

Now You’re Ready to Call the Moving Company

Many people list moving among the most stressful events of their life. Getting organized is a great way to alleviate the stress, and we wish you the best in your move. Make sure to share this on Facebook or Twitter; you never know who is going to be moving in the near future.

Photo Credit: Mufidah Kassalias via Compfight cc