C&M Moving and Storage serves Interior Designers and Residential customers in the greater Houston area. The company and its founder, Ron Merrill, have been profiled in both local and national media including Entrepreneur and Southern Living magazines.


White Glove Moving

After a brief stint with the family business, Ron Merrill was ready to strike out on his own. He saw the tremendous potential in creating a specialized business catering to interior designers, furniture manufacturers, and antique collectors. The concept of “white glove moving” was born.


Expert Service & Attention to Detail

C&M fills the need for high-quality transfers and doesn’t shy away from challenging jobs. Ron says:

Our employees are all-star players. They are very well trained and extremely thorough and professional. They see each job through from beginning to end and are appropriately compensated. My team members take pride in their work, and it shows. Whether you are moving locally or nationally, the same crew works the entire job. The same movers who pack you up in Houston will fly out and unpack you in San Francisco.

This assures trust, consistency, and quality while maintaining competitive pricing.

C&M Stands for Something Exceptional

C&M Moving and Storage has grown by leaps and bounds since cornering the market on ‘white glove moving,’ transporting Houston’s fine art and antiques. Whether a Castle or Museum, Chateau and Manor, or Condo and Mansion, C&M Moving stands for something exceptional: Careful Moving.

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