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Budget a Move Effectively

There are a number of ways to budget a move effectively. You can spend a great deal of time preparing for your move, but if you don’t budget what is going to cost beforehand, things can get out of control rather quickly, making it much harder than necessary to pay the full cost of your move. So, make sure to research the costs and know what it will cost to cross county, state, or national borders when you move next.

Repairs and New Items

To start with, what is it going to cost to set up your new housing arrangements? You might need to make repairs, buy new appliances, have utilities installed or replaced. Things like this are fairly common when moving into a new home, and even if something is not a vital repair, you may want to consider having it done so that it does not become a major issue in the future when you’ve been living there for some time already.

Rental Costs

If you are moving into a new apartment or rental space, how much is the move in cost – what does it cost to pay your deposit and do you need to pay a first and last month’s rent? Additionally, what storage and utility costs are added on to the rent? These are all factors that will affect your overall impression of where you end up living. You need to be sure you can afford whatever they include.

The Move Itself

Finally, make sure to consider the cost of the move itself. Too many people get caught up in how much it will cost to set up their new home that they forget a move can be a pricey experience. You need to hire a moving service or rent a truck. You’ll need to buy packing containers and other moving supplies. You’ll need to pay for insurance or valuation to protect your possessions. You need to hire professionals to unhook things like your gas stove or your freezer and prepare them for shipping. Then there is the cost of the trip itself, including plane tickets or gas, tolls, meals, hotels, and anything else related to the drive or flight.

In short, a move is an expensive endeavor and one that will require a great deal of time spent researching and preparing. If you do not take that time and ensure that you have properly laid out what is required of your pocket book, you may be in for quite a shock.

When the moving consultant does your estimate, they will gladly provide you with a detailed breakdown of the estimate so you can see what is beings charged for each individual service. To obtain a free estimate from C&M Moving and Storage, call 713-839-7677 and we can set up an appointment for an on-site survey.