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4 Things to Consider When Moving Downtown

For some, downtown living is the height of luxury, like sipping from a fine glass of champagne. However, there are challenges associated with moving downtown which should be addressed before enjoying the theater, restaurants, and trendy nightspots. Though well worth the effort, some research and footwork will prove helpful when finding movers in Houston to move you downtown.

Preparing for Downtown Movers in Houston, TX

After following several simple steps, you’ll be celebrating with a glass of champagne in your new loft in no time.

  • Hire a professional moving company. Make sure the company has experience with moving in the downtown area. Get them involved as early as possible in order to book the dates you need.
  • Talk to the concierge at your new building. He or she will be able to help make sure the elevators will be available on move-in day. Also, be sure to verify with building management that your mover has insurance paperwork on file. This is a requirement for many buildings before the movers can enter.
  • Talk to your movers and to building management about parking requirements for the moving van. Many streets downtown do not allow parking during certain hours. Your movers may have to obtain a parking permit from management or from the city.
  • Walk the route that the movers will be using. Get an idea how far it is from the street to your door. Also, riding the elevators and walking the halls will provide an estimate of the length of time it takes to move your belongings. This knowledge will give you comfort when it seems to be taking a bit longer than it did the last time you moved.

How Were Your Movers in Houston, TX?

Once settled in, take a moment to reflect on your new surroundings. It would be the perfect time to celebrate with a chilled glass of champagne. If we moved you in, let us hear from you! Leave us a review, we’d really appreciate it!

Photo Credit: Ed Schipul via Compfight cc