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Checklist of Info to Discuss With Your Professional Moving Company

Emerging real estate trends have shown an increase in people moving into downtown areas. Downtown living has so many advantages, including proximity to work and entertainment and no lawn care. Are you one of those people giving up suburbia for downtown living? Or maybe you are moving from one building to another. In any case, moving in a densely populated area should be given certain considerations.

Here is a checklist of logistical information go over with your professional moving company before moving day to help your move go off without a hitch:

  • Know your moving areas and the best route between them. Time is very important in a move, so know which route is quickest. Take note of construction and road closures. You don’t want to waste moving time stuck in traffic.
  • Where will the moving truck will be able to park for loading and unloading? Is there a special loading zone? Double-parking could mean the truck may have to round the corner often, which costs time and could mean extra charges.
  • Between what hours does your building allow moving. Big buildings often only allow moving between certain hours.
  • Find out what certificates the building needs from your professional moving company to allow them to enter. Is your professional moving company required to show proof of insurance upon entry?
  • What requirements does the building have in terms of elevator use and floor and wall protection?
  • Check the availability of a suitable elevator. Is it big enough to hold large furniture. If not, disassembling your furniture before hand would save you time and money.

Knowing the restrictions and requirements for your building along with other information listed above beforehand will help you avoid logistical headaches on moving day. If you choose our services, we’d be happy to discuss potential concerns and help find solutions. All of this will set the stage for a smooth move into your new home. Contact us here for an on-site quote today or call 713-839-7677.