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Buying & Moving an Art Collection

If there ever were a need to mark a moving crate as “fragile”, transporting an art collection would be the best time. Robert McClain, an art dealer, is the perfect person to discuss the issues faced when moving an art collection.

For a serious collector, a painted canvas or sculpture doesn’t only hold an emotional attachment, it represents the time and money spent looking for a particular artist’s piece. As a point of pride, it’s only fair that the collection be treated as delicately as possible.

Finding Movers in Houston to Address Your Art Collection

The most important issues are who will be moving the collection and how it will be handled. According to McClain, the smallest amount of damage will affect a painting’s value. The best way to avoid damage is a to find a professional art services company because they use archival materials and techniques for safety. When a long distance move is involved, McClain recommends climate controlled transportation and storage. A painting should always be transported in the proper environment.

The Role of an Art Dealer When Moving an Art Collection

If preferred, an art dealer is more than happy to provide guidance and advice on moving your collection. According to McClain, there are several ways an art dealer’s expertise will help. Whether working independently or with a team of interior designers and architects, it is within an art dealer’s realm to determine where to place a piece and how it should be presented.

Tips on Finding Art at a Fair Price

If you love art, McClain asks you to consider what kind of collector you are. If you love art but not the expense, he advises to look for drawings or works on paper by up and coming artists. These pieces are known to be high quality work at a decent price. They also have the potential to be worth much more in the future if the artist becomes a revered name in the art world.

When searching for art, McClain also recommends working with a dealer or gallery with which you feel at ease. Whether answering your art questions or encouraging you to learn more and become educated about the art you wish to collect!

If you know any fellow art lovers, be sure to share this! Even if your friend or family member isn’t moving anytime soon, a passionate art collector could be planning to move an art piece into their home.

Photo Credit: Nadia Minic via Compfight cc