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The Best Advice From Houston Movers: Purge

During the midst of all the planning, everyone that moves has one common thread when going through their belongings…there are a lot of unneeded things. Before you even think about packing, it’s important to purge these items from your household so the packing process can be easier later. Simply go through each room and group all of these items in an area. When you have finally separated all of them, pack these unneeded items according to where you want to distribute them (consignment shops, charity, etc.). You may want to pack them according to the specific drop off locations if you have multiple. In the Houston area, there are plenty of options.

Consignment Shops

Consign-It Furniture

Designers Furniture Exchange

MAI consigned



The Salvation Army Family Stores

Goodwill Industries of Houston

Purple Heart Clothing Donation

Dress for Success Houston


Now that you’ve got your things narrowed down to what you need, it’s time to bring it to your new home. That’s where C&M Moving & Storage comes in, your Houston movers. Call us at 713-839-7677 to make the rest of the move simple with our services.


Photo Credit: K2D2vaca via Compfight cc