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Finding A Good Appraiser Before a Big Move

Hiring a Top Notch Moving Company & Appraiser

Getting a good appraisal before a major move is important for anyone who needs to be sure their possessions are properly insured and valued. As a result, for someone interested in getting an appraisal, it is important to develop criteria for how to find and hire the right appraiser before you hire a moving company.

Who is Qualified?

Appraisers are formally educated in concepts such as appraisal theory, procedures, principles, law and ethics. They will be up to date with all standards and practices for the career and will be regularly tested and educated on any changes that arise in the field.

As a result, you should not have a problem finding someone with the right credentials to help move your possessions. Just ask to see their qualifications before you make any decisions about who is best for your move. Additionally, you need to be sure that whatever appraiser you hire is well trained in area of expertise needed for your particular possessions.

Keep in mind that not all appraisers have the same qualifications. Some may not have formal training, while others may not be certified in the state to which you are moving or moving from. Always ask the prospective appraiser you may hire to show their education criteria and to be sure they provide a professional profile or resume of their certifications.

How Much Should it Cost?

It is a good idea to avoid anyone who charges a percentage of the appraised value of your items or a contingency fee. This is only going to result in a big conflict of interest, which will reduce the overall ability to trust their assessment of your possessions. Additionally, the IRS does not accept appraisals worked out with such fees. Your appraiser should have a flat fee or hourly rate to do the appraisal.

Choosing Your Appraiser

In the end, when it comes time to choose the appraiser for your possessions, you need to be sure that you choose someone who is well practiced in the field of your possessions, can make a good assessment of value and who is well trained and educated in those fields. Ask for references, check with your realtor and always be willing to get a second opinion if it is called for.