Cost More, But Totally Worth It

Extremely Professional and Thorough: Antique Movers in Houston

“Seven years ago C & M Moving and Storage helped us move three times in one year. We were in the process of moving out of the house where we had lived for 11 years into a new house we bought that was being remodeled. Since the new house was being remodeled, they helped us move into a rented house first. We also stored some of our stuff with them while we were in the rental. They then helped us move into our new house when it was complete.

They made the move as easy as it could have been. They were totally helpful, and always willing to help us out by doing things like hanging pictures on the wall. We really got to know them during the three times we used them.

They may cost a little more, but they’re totally worth it. They are very professional and careful with your things. They understand how to move artwork and antiques. They are conscientious and helpful. If I had to move again, which I hopefully won’t, I would call them again!”

— Susanna M., Houston, TX

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