Proper Maintenance After Chandelier Installation


If you’re considering installing a beautiful chandelier into your home, it is great to know that maintenance is possible after a little education. This is true for those in real estate as well, since chandeliers can transform any space.

Here are a few tips how to keep proper maintenance after a chandelier installation:

Use a Spray

If you can reach it, spray it with a safe cleaning solution and wipe it down. Different materials call for different types of spray so be sure that yours will not corrode or harm the metal of the chandelier.

Take it Down if Needed

When an aggressive cleaning is needed, it may be required to take the entire chandelier down. This will allow for a good hand washing and drying.

Frequency of Cleaning

Depending on the material and your preference, it is best to clean your chandelier every 2-6 months. Of course, regular dusting is encouraged and is best with a feather duster.

Choose Your Chandelier Accordingly

If you’re planning to install a chandelier, it’s best to consider how likely you will take care of it. Those who may not have time to maintain it can choose the right materials to match their needs.

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