Piano Moving

Moving is an exciting experience, but there is a lot of work to do. Whether you are preparing to move many miles away or just down the street, you still have the daunting task of packing and moving all of your personal belongings. While you can do it on your own, there is always the risk of damage to your most precious belongings such as your piano. Pianos are large, bulky, and difficult to move, and one wrong move can result in irreparable damage. Our professional piano movers have the tools and skills to ensure your move is a smooth one. 

Insurance for Your Assurance

Piano Moving

When you work with our professional movers, you will have the peace-of-mind in knowing that we carry insurance to protect your valuables in the event that damage is incurred. High-end belongings such as your piano are worth a lot of money, and you can find the joy in your move quickly turn to sorrow when these items are damaged or destroyed. Our piano movers are able to offer both experience and a backup plan to best assure your items are protected during every stage of transport. 
Here for You Every Step of the Way

It is our goal that you are completely satisfied, and we are there for you every step of the way. When all of your valuables are safely transported, we can stick around to offer you services such as climate controlled storage options. We offer Storage In Transit services (SIT) in our 80,000 sq. ft. climate controlled facility. During the move, we can build custom crates for your art collection and valuable belongings. 
Inventory Process

It is not at all uncommon to lose valuables during the moving process, and you often don’t realize you are missing something until you need it most. When you work with us, you will see that we take a detailed inventory of everything we pack, and it is carefully tracked during the move itself. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, and our inventory process is one that has been perfected with repetition. 
The Fine Art of Moving

Moving is an art, and you likely haven’t done it often. If you would like to find out more information about our company’s full range of services, you can visit fineartofmoving.com . Our business also provides a free ebook that offers effective strategies for planning your move, and the guide will help you to determine the cost of your project. 

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